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Conscious Collective

By Janie Edwards & Co.


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Equipping women to…




  • You want to live to the fullest and help your family do the same

  • You want to make conscious choices, but need to know where to start

  • You want some peace where there is exhaustion and chaos

  • You want to live a simple life with functional space and without clutter

  • You want a system to prioritize, manage, and keep it all together — personal, family, business, etc.

  • You want guidance, accountability, and community with like-minded women

  • You are willing to make some baby-step changes through action

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Digital Package

  • Different topic on conscious living each month

  • Articles to inspire and take action

  • Self-growth activities and topic-specific prompts

  • A finished piece of artwork from Janie Edwards to add to your book, hang on your wall, or give to a friend

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Over 30 templates

available in the library


Planner + Journal Templates

  • Can be printed as US Letter (8.5x11 in) and A5 (5.8x8.3 in)

  • Plenty of space for holes to be punched around edges without interfering with your work

  • Suitable for a 3-hole punch notebook, discbound notebook, A5 binder, and any creative geniusness you come up with

  • Downloadable PDF files — only print pages you want — no need to waste paper and space with pages you won’t use

  • Minimal ink and color to save you ink and money

  • Minimalist design: all pages are basic and undated so they can be used week after week, month after month, year after year. Want your week to start on a Sunday? Prefer it to start on a Monday? No problem — many of the pages can be used multiple ways

  • Free updates — your monthly subscription includes updated and new pages




Coaching + How-Tos

  • Videos on how to use your pages

  • Videos and podcasts on self-growth activities and prompts

  • A simple, step-by-step video art tutorial on month’s topic

  • Photo gallery page with examples of completed pages

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  • Private Facebook group to share, connect, and encourage

  • Videos and podcasts featuring women like you

  • In-person get-togethers when possible

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Launch Special! The first 100 women to subscribe receive 30 days for FREE! It won’t last long so click on the link above to subscribe!


Women of all walks of life. What are they saying about Conscious Collective?



I’m interested but I’m already so busy. How much time do I need to commit?
I totally understand and I acknowledge you! The idea behind Conscious Collective is to create more freedom. When you first get started, you’ll want to set some time aside to go through everything and set up your journal. Once you get going, chances are you’ll spend 10-30 (intentional) minutes per day on your journal.

I love the idea of this but it seems really “artsy”. I can’t even draw stick figures! Can I do this?
Friend, it is okay! Conscious Collective is SO much more than just the writing and drawing. This is for women who can’t draw stick figures, women who are amazing artists, and all the women in between. Plus, the templates make things easy and we coach you along the way!

I love your journal. Can you just make mine?
Yes! BUT not quite yet. Finding products and supplies that are ethically and sustainably resourced is a priority to me. I have done a ton of research and haven’t had success in doing so quite yet. It will most likely be a discbound system. There is a huge vision behind this and I want to make sure I’m only giving you the best. If you are subscribed to the email list, you will be the first to know when this rolls out. In the meantime, you can find discs and disc hole punches at Staples, Office Depot, and various hobby stores.

Is Conscious Collective faith based?
Conscious Collective is not directly focused on faith but I love Jesus and can’t imagine doing life without Him! There may be references to scripture, prayer, songs, quotes, etc. I understand this may not be for everyone but everyone is certainly welcome. My hope is that you will be able to experience the joy, love, community, and freedom Conscious Collective can offer, no matter where you’re at.

What if I join and decide it’s not for me?
I will be sad to see you go but understand it’s not for everyone. As long as you cancel within your first month, you will receive a 100% refund and you’ll get to keep that month’s content. I want to make sure your experiences with Janie Edwards & Co. are always positive!

As a member, do I have access to past Collectives?
No, only the current month is available. However, as a member, you have access to a library that is chock-full of templates, stock photos, resources, and so much more. If you lose your downloads, you can contact us and we will send your files directly to you.

Can I purchase past Collectives?
Absolutely! Individual Collectives are available to purchase for $15/members, and $25/non-members.

Are there restrictions to using and sharing the digital content?
Yes. Please read our Copyright, Terms, and Conditions. We LOVE that love the content and want to share it. Receive $5 credit to Janie Edwards & Co. for every referral who subscribes to Conscious Collective! 

When and how do I receive each month’s Collective?
On the first of each month (or the following business day) you will have access to the new Collective. You will just need to log-in at We will send out a email reminder to let you know the new Collective is up. Make sure you stay subscribed to receive these!

How do I change my billing information?
As a member, you can head over to our "log-in" page and click on "My Profile" to access your account information.

When will I be billed?
All new memberships are charged to your credit card immediately. They will renew on the first of the month moving forward.

Can I get a refund if I forget to cancel my subscription?
Unfortunately, since you gain instant access, we cannot offer refunds. We do have reminder emails set up that will come via Stripe. You will receive one of those 3 days prior to being charged in case you'd like to update your membership.

Have another question or concern?
Shoot us an email! We want to address your needs and see you succeed!


Want to know more about me?

I’m Janie Edwards and I am a recovering perfectionist/control freak/addict (clothing, sugar, exercise, alcohol, work, etc.). I am an all-or-none kind of gal. I find balance, boundaries, and focus to be an ongoing struggle.


I have found freedom in letting go of perfect to show grace, love, intention, and support. I have found freedom in letting less be more. I have found freedom in saying no to the glorification of busy. I have found freedom in slowing down and making more intentional choices.

I have found freedom in my transition to a conscious lifestyle, and I am so excited to share it with you!




No matter where you are in life, you have something to contribute.  You can be a life-giver.  You can share love.  You can be a voice for those who need to be heard. 

You can start living consciously in a way that works for you and I’m committed to helping you with that! Start where you are, do what you can, use what you have.  

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We would love for you to contribute to one of the Collectives! CLICK HERE for submission guidelines.