At Janie Edwards & Company, we do two things:

1 - We partner, shop, and retail ethical and sustainable goods.  We are saying no to fast fashion, unfair wages, unsafe working conditions, and detrimental effects on our environment.  

2 - We give.  Some of our partners and affiliates give us a commission when you shop through us.  When you shop through Janie Edwards & Co, you know a portion of your money will go to help others.

Every day, we vote with our dollars.  Many times, we don't think about what the real cost is. 

We partner with several charities to make a positive impact in the community and world.  10% of the commission made from purchases through affiliate links and from the sales of each item at Janie Edwards & Co are donated to a charity partner.


We love style and design but we don't want our lifestyle purchases to come at the cost of people, our planet, or our health.  On top of supporting partner charities, we will strive to recommend stores and brands that are ethical and eco-friendly. 

Spread The Word

Tell your friends and family about us!  We are a business with a mission.  We want to provide our friends with awesomeness AND we want to make a positive impact, choice by choice, together with you.


Many of the charities we give to combat slavery, sexual assault and trafficking.  We encourage you to learn the facts and get involved in helping in one way or another.  Consider giving directly to some of the organizations and ministries we support.