9th Day Of Christmas: Tips For Using Glitter Eyeshadow

Tips For Using Glitter Eyeshadow.jpg

Glitter is a lot of fun to implement into your makeup application.  Especially around the holidays!  However, glitter can be messy and hard to make stay put.  Here are a few pointers...

{1} Use a primer such as MAC Paint Pots or Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer before applying any eye makeup.

{2} Before applying glitter adhesive to the area such as Ben Nye Glitter Glue

{3} Use a flat, synthetic brush to pat the glitter on.

{4} Since glitter is messy, make up your eyes before your face so you can cleanse off any glitter that drops on your face.  Glitter tends to stick even with trying to cleanse off so another pointer is to apply loose powder on your face before you do your eyes to catch the glitter and you can brush it off.

{5} Remember that glitter and shimmer always win.  So only put the glitter where you want it to be because it is almost impossible to cover up.

{6} When you are completely done with your application, set your makeup with a setting solution such as MAC Fix + or Ben Ney Final Seal.

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