Tuesday Transformation: Jaci

As you can see, Jaci has gorgeous, thick, natural red, curly hair.  I personally love her long hair… so does she and all her family.  However, Jaci is a new mom and needed something to fit her lifestyle change.  Here are a few key points: 

-She washes her hair every other day.

-She would ideally like to spend 15-30 minutes per day styling her hair

-She is comfortable using a blowdryer, round brush and flatiron.  

-She is not opposed to using new products to help enhance and transform hair.

-She likes to have options to create different styles.  I like to say she has a "versatile hair wardrobe."

HAIR: DAY 1: SLEEK (click on links to see product details & step-by-step application)

Step 1: Shampoo hair with Biomega Silk Shampoo

Step 2: Condition hair with Biomega Intense Conditioner

Step 3: Apply Aquage Silkening Oil Treatment to towel dried hair and comb through with fine-tooth comb.

Step 4: Part out 1-2 inch horizontal sections from bottom to top.  Blow dry with Aquage Medium Round Brush.  Blow dry fringe/bangs flat to scalp, no elevation, with Aquage Smoothing Brush.  

Step 5: Throughout the front sides and front top of hair, part out sections (1/2 inch depth, 3 inch width), spray root to end & front to back with Aquage Beyond Shine.  Flat iron each section straight.

Step 6: Apply pearl size amount of Aquage Illuminating Gelade into hand.  Emulsify between palms and fingers and apply to ends of hair.  Reapply if needed.  

Done!  This style should take approximately 30 minutes.    

HAIR: DAY 2: TEXTURE (click on links to see product details & step-by-step application)

Step 1: Spray in Aquage Beyond Body root to end & front to back throughout entire hair.

Step 2: From the top center of head, take small pie shape diagonal partings, about 3 inches in length.  Create flatiron ribbon curls, alternating directions on each curl.

Step 3: Apply a light mist of Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing Spray on entire hair.  Finger through as you hit with a blowdryer to shatter hair style.  

Step 4: Spray, lift and build with Aquage Transforming Spray.

Step 5: Apply a light mist of Aquage Behind Shine over finished style for a weight-free shine.

Done!  This style should take you approximately 15 minutes.


Step 1: Apply MAC Face+Body Foundation with Brush in circular motions. 

Step 2: Apply MAC Melba Blush to apples of cheeks.

Step 3: Apply MAC Prep+Prime Eye to even out skin tone and hold eyeshadow.

Step 4: Apply MAC Mythology Eyeshadow to entire crease with MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush.

Step 4: Apply MAC Embark Eyeshadow to center of crease with MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush.

Step 5: Apply MAC Studio Fix Lash to bottom and top lashes.

Step 6: Apply MAC Smolder Eye Khol to lower waterline.

Step 7: Apply MAC Half-Red Lip Pencil.

Step 8: Apply MAC Wildly Lush Plushglass.