Realities For Children Triumph Awards

It was my goal for 2013, to get more actively involved in giving back to the community.  Not only do I want to give back to the community and help when/where I can, I want to be an example to my daughter to live that lifestyle... even with the chaos, stress, and uncertainties that go on in our own lives.  I have a conviction to help those who deal with abuse and assault.  Realities For Children is an incredible organization and I am so impressed at how their organization functions.  One of the many programs/events they produce is the Triumph Awards.

The Triumph Awards are an exceptional evening honoring those in our community who fight against child abuse in Larimer County. The annual Realities For Children Awards Banquet acknowledges community members, business leaders, volunteers, and those in Human Services that make a difference in the lives of abused children every day.

This year’s Awards Banquet featured the 2013 Triumph Awards designed to recognize and honor exceptional youth in our community who have not only survived the adversities of childhood abuse, but have triumphed over them personally, socially, and academically.  Realities For Children presented  $42,000 in collegiate scholarships to encourage these local youth to continue down their path of triumph. 

This year, I was blessed to spend a few minutes with four of the female nominees while I  provided them with my makeup services after they received hairstyles at Tuana Hair Design in Fort Collins.  Afterward, my gifted fiance, Marcus Edwards photographed them.

We stayed for the Awards Dinner and I was incredibly humbled and moved.  It's times like these, you realize there is much good in the world.  Look for the helpers.