in memory | katie + mike wedding

When I met with Katie for the first time over FaceTime five months before her wedding date and saw her beautiful red hair, I knew we were already going to be a good fit!  Katie and Mike were stationed in Kansas and were planning a June 2014 wedding in beautiful Colorado.  Katie and I didn't get to meet until the week of her wedding but hit it off right away.  My assistant Monica and I felt the same when we met her bridal party, family, and soon-to-be husband the day of the wedding.  While we only got to meet Mike briefly, there was such a love between Katie and Mike.  

Not a month had passed after their wedding when I heard the news, Mike was killed in a motorcycle accident.  My heart instantly dropped and I was in disbelief.  I was so sad and felt so helpless.  If I felt like this, I can only imagine how Katie and their family felt.  

I often think about and pray for Katie.  I've lived my whole life trying not to feel bad for people who go through crummy life experiences but instead, empower, uplift, and inspire them.  Sometimes it is hard though, not to feel angry or sad or mad.  Want to know what is cool?  As I continue to follow Katie's journey, THEY are the ones who are empowering, uplifting, and inspiring.  Katie is living the life her and Mike dreamed of.  She is being adventurous, brave, and not taking anything for granted.  She may not have Mike by her side but I have not doubt in my mind he is always with her, looking down from above, a proud husband.  How many lives have they impacted and changed for the better?!

Wedding styling is a job, a job I absolutely love.  One of the best things about it, styling aside, is the opportunity to meet some incredible women.  I am grateful for these opportunities and Katie & Mike will always be a reminder to do my best to be a shining light.  Thank you for that Katie & Mike.

Gone but never forgotten.  {Read more about Katie & Mikes story here.}

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Venue: Deer Creek Valley

Photography: Jessica Christie

Planner: Glow Weddings & Events

Hair & Makeup: Janie Rocek, Assistant Monica Meiu

Dress: Justin Alexander at Bridal Collection