Caitlin + Jordan Wedding

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Caitlin's wedding day hair and makeup was a team effort.  After Caitlin was unhappy with a previous trial run, she reached out to her "MAC makeup artist" in Fort Collins, one of my favorite ladies, Terri.  Neither Terri or her associate Candace, owner of Dotted With Hearts, were available to help Caitlin.  Candace sent Caitlin to me.  I was already booked for a wedding in Breckenridge but it just happened to work out because Caitlin was getting married in Breckenridge too!  Whew!  I am so fortunate to know a handful of professional, reliable, and rockstar industry pros who can work together to put a bride first!

As soon as I met Caitlin, I just loved her.  What a sweet spirit and I had such a blast working with her both at the trial run and super-duper early on the wedding day.  Although her wedding wasn't until 4pm, we had to do her hair and makeup at 7am because of my prior commitments.  I am so glad she trusted me and was flexible with her time because look at her stunning wedding!

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"Janie, you absolutely made my wedding!  So so thankful I was lucky enough to find you!!  Can't say enough about how much I enjoyed having you do my hair and makeup.  Thank you, thank you!  My makeup looked absolutely beautiful until 1am when I rubbed my eyes out of exhaustion :-)"

Photography: Harper Point Photography

Venue: Private Residence, Breckenridge, CO