Same Dress, Three Different Outfits!

So you have a cute dress you could wear but you just wore it last week.  You really want to wear a dress but you don't have one in your closet that you're "feeling" nor do you have the extra doe in your pocket to splurge today.  Don't forget about your accessories!

When on a budget, I recommend focusing on buying the essentials (shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, etc) in neutral colors.  On your next shopping day, plan a color scheme and stick to only buying those items!  Here's some great accessories to pick to rock that outfit: 

Shoes (A Must!)





Hair Accessory 





Remember to choose things that compliment each other but not fight for attention.  For instance, if you choose a big, chunky necklace, go with a smaller earring design.  Same goes for makeup and hair... if you choose to do a bright, bold eye color, go with a neutral lip color.  Color is incredibly important.  I recommend going with these color combinations: 


Analogous Colors: Using any shades, tints or tones of colors that lie adjacent to each other on the color wheel.  {In this instance I used tints of Violets, Reds and Oranges.}  


Dress $25.00: Sanf Souci from TJ Max, shoes $50.00: Jessica Simpson from TJ Max, Bracelet $20.00: TJ Max, Earrings $7.00: Icings, Headband $1.00: Wal-Mart (bought sequin stretch band & hot glued ends together), Headband Accessory: Clip on  earring from my Grandma's old jewelry box.


Monochromatic Colors: Using any shade, tint or tone of one color.  {In this instance I used shades of Blue-Greens}


Tints: Color + White  {In this instance I used Tints of Red, Orange, Yellow & Green} 


Once you have a variety of "Accessory Wardrobes", you can get incredibly creative with your entire wardrobe to create essentially any look!  Happy Shopping!

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