Old Table + Fresh Perspective

I wanted to share with you my recent find.  

A year or two ago, my sister purchased this amazing table she found on Craigslist.  It is solid wood table on wheels with two leaves (which have old newspapers glued to the underneath!) and six chairs with real leather seat cushions. 

As I'm sure many of you can relate, Karen & her husband Brian got sick of this thing taking up space in their garage while "refinishing" it.  (I say refinishing in quotations because I have about 30 projects sitting around my house waiting to be "refinished".  #TheStruggleIsReal)  They decided to sell it at a garage sale this past summer and I snagged it up.  After all, I DO need another table for our small little house, don't I?  I knew Marcus would love it, so yes.  The answer is yes.

But seriously, look at this beauty.  So much charm with so many stories I'm sure.  It needs some work... The chairs need to be taken apart and stabilized.   Two of the chair covers are ripped and need to be replaced.  It could be painted or sanded and re-stained but at the end of the day, I kind of love it the way it is.

So for now, this beauty joins our collection of functional, simple, imperfect home decor.


A.  Blankets and pillows.  Add a plush blanket or pillows to a seating area to warm it up or make it feel cozy.  Perfect for fall!  I got this blanket long before I was a conscience shopper at Marshalls or TJ Maxx.  I'd recommend finding an ethically sourced lamb fur throw blanket or pick something up at a second hand store.

B.  Air plants, succulents, and living plants.  House plants can reduce carbon dioxide levels, increase humidity, reduce certain pollutants, reduce airborne dust levels, keep air temperatures down, and just flat out make you happy and feel better.  Every once in awhile, I pick up plants at grocery stores but I've learned to find a local greenhouse to educate me on what I need based on my home and lifestyle.  I live in Northern Colorado and LOVE Ginestra at Gully Greenhouse.  

C.  Decorative lighting.  I love lighting but great, permanent, artificial lighting is not at the top of the priority list currently.  For the holidays, we got creative and what do you know?  It's stayed up all year!  White wire string lights with beer pong balls add a touch of fun while adding some light to the hallway.  

D.  Eucalyptus.  If you follow my Instagram or Pinterest, it's not hard to tell how much I love flowers and greenery.  I would have florist arrangements or fresh foliage in my house all the time if I could.  If I have to stay on a budget and do it myself, basic is better.  Enter eucalyptus.  They are soooo pretty, easy to arrange, and inexpensive ($2.50 a bunch at Trader Joe's.  This arrangement has four bunches.)  Eucalyptus oil has a ton of health benefits but even having some cut plants around your house can help with sinus and allergies, odor remover, and act as an air freshener.  Plus they dry nice and can be passed off to sustainable and ethical stores like Haus Of Fiber to create beautiful materials.

E.  Natural Light.  Depending on your home, you may or may not have much control over this.  We have some areas in our house that are just naturally dark and some that have good lighting.  With that being said, I am obsessed with natural lighting.  Research has proven natural lighting helps people be more productive, happier, healthier, and calmer.  So open those blinds and curtains up!  This room tends to be darker so I brightened it up with shades of white, no curtains, and simple/light decor.


Pick one room in your home.  With looking at the big picture above and not spending a dime, is there anything in there you can add or take away to create freedom? Take away stress? Bring in fresh air?

If budget wasn't an option (minus remodeling your home or moving), what would you add or take away?

Grab a notebook or a journal and write them down.  Make the changes you can, now.  Once you have some goals written out, it is so much easier to keep yourself in check to not make unnecessary purchases yet find the things you really want/need within your means.