Capsule Wardrobe | Mix It Up, Plan For Your Lifestyle

Do you have a job where you have to dress up or look professional every day?  Or are you self-employed rockin' yoga pants one day and then stepping into some slacks the next for a client meeting?  Perhaps you're  homeschool mom hanging with your kid(s) in your sweats and hair a mess until five minutes before you leave to venture into the outside world.  I can relate to all of those.  Or perhaps you have a 9-5 where you are in uniform all day.  Or you are in the world of health and fitness.  And maybe you can't relate to any of those stories, we all have our own stories.

Whatever your day-to-day life looks like, they all have something in common.  Whenever planning and shopping for a capsule wardrobe, you really have to think about your lifestyle.  You have to be realistic.  

This outfit right here is a combination of what my life currently looks like.  I am a homeschool mama, a self-employed professional, and a lover of fashion.  I am pretty much always cold and I like to be comfortable.  I have to have dressy clothes, casual clothes, and lounge clothes.

Here is the fun part... Mix it up!  You don't have to have a separate wardrobe for each area in your life.  It is still possible to downsize and get your wardrobe down to 30-40 items total whatever your lifestyle looks like if your goal is to simplify and let less be more.

Next fashion post will go in depth a bit more on how you can take one article of clothing and style it multiple ways.  Stay tuned and if you have been considering purging, take that step.  It is so freeing!