Our Home Tour

I decided I would give you a home tour over the next few weeks because we are about to dive in and do some projects to change it up a bit!

Over the past 3 years, we have worked slow but diligently to make our house a home.  We literally have done something to every inch.  We scraped (popcorn!) and retextured all the ceilings; painted all the walls, doors, and trim; painted the kitchen cabinets; ripped out carpets to expose the subfloors; added a wood wall; laundry room update; renovation of master bedroom and office; plus so many other details.

Over the past 3 years, this house has become our home.  It is our little sanctuary, being the base of simplifying and allowing less to be more.  It is a home where we welcome our family and friends whole heartedly.  It is a place we want all who enter to feel the love and peace of God.  

Over the past 6 months, this house has turned many strangers into friends.  It has been photographed and has been an oasis for many guests, thank you to the AirBNB community. (#imperfectsimplicity730)

Pretty soon, this home will be a shelter for foster children.  It will have more people entering it, more stories, and more prayers throughout it.  

This is our home.  It's imperfect, it's simple, and we love it.  I say that as a reminder to my self to be grateful for what I have and not dare to compare.  Make your house a home for you and everyone who enters.

Stay Tuned, 

The Edwards