Spring 2017 10 x 10 | Day 2

It's Day 2 of the Spring 2017 10x10 Challenge hosted by Un-Fancy and Style Bee.  If you want to know more about it or jump on board, you can get info and inspo here.  

What am I wearing that's included in the challenge?

Black tank

Black skinny jeans

Cut-out booties


What am I wearing that's not included in the challenge?




Things To Consider

Weather:  It's nice here in Colorado today.  No wind and 40-60 degrees.  A little bit chilly hanging outside for to long in a tank so need a sweater off and on.

Work/Activities:  Mostly home working and schooling but going out and about for errands and to see some friends.  

Wear/Washability:  Considering we have a boxer, black tends to show hair.  It's all good though, just need to have a lint roller on hand.  Easy to throw in washer and dryer.

Style Notes

GIVE YOURSELF A WAIST You can definitely throw on a pair of skinny jeans and a loose fitted tank.  It has a more relaxed, casual look.  I love that look a lot.  However, when I buy skinny jeans, I opt for a high waist for versatility.  Tucking in a shirt (completely or just in the front) gives it a totally different look plus it gives you a waist.  With me being fuller figure in my hips and thighs, a waist is a very good thing.

ACCESSORIZE  Adding a hat and simple harness added just the flare I needed to go out-and-about.  I love keeping the accessories simple but it can really play up your style.


See you tomorrow!