Why white dishes?

At the beginning of our quest of minimalism, our dishes were a hodgepodge of different colors, styles, sizes, etc.  While some of it was pretty, I wasn't going to put it on display, and if I did, it would have looked like a clustered mess.

My daughter gives me a hard time sometimes because my favorite colors are black and white.  Here's the thing though... they are timeless colors.  When trends change, black and white stick around.  When you get sick of the colors you've decorated with, black and white stick around.

I was tired of having over-stuffed kitchen cabinets with things I didn't use because 1) it was a cluster and I didn't even know I had half of it, or 2) because I just didn't like it.  This is a topic I could talk about WAY more but back to the white dishes.

White dishes won't go out of trend as quick so your more likely to hold on to them for longer and enjoy using them even after they loose their excitement.  Since white dishes are fairly basic, it's easy to pick up some mismatched sets at a second hand store when you need.  You’ll spend less time dreaming/looking/buying and can invest your time in other important matters.

Now that we have pretty much all white dishes, I am happy to showcase our dishes with an open shelf concept and we no longer have junk we don’t use.  

Purge.  Organize.  Think before you buy. Buy second hand or buy well.  Get rid of the clutter and madness.  

And on another note, this gorgeous hutch is for sale!  It will be up in our online store when it launches but it’s up for grabs now. Message me if you want more details. 

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