A Few Wardrobe Pointers

For the last three months I have been working on A GUIDE TO SIMPLIFY AND DISCOVER YOUR SIGNATURE STYLE.  Okay, let's be honest here.  Three months ago, I started working on it full speed, gone in 60 seconds, but then I had to get back to the reality of life happening.  How dare you, grocery shopping, meal cooking, budget planning, homeschooling life... I was on a roll!

Over the past couple of years, this has been something I have become passionate about.  Not because of the fashion side of things (that's just a bonus) but because of the way it has created peace in my life and opened my eyes.  If I we’re to see you face to face, I could tell you about it.  To put it into words in a "guide"?  That's a totally different thing.  Friends... words are hard!

I am the person who plans a party and forgets to invite the guests.  So here I am, trying to perfect things before I invite you into something that has added value and fulfillment to my life.  And here I am pep-talking myself to just "getter-done" because it doesn't have to be perfect.  We're all imperfect here, right?  So here are a few things I want to highlight:

  • OWN YOUR BODY. Your body may not be your ideal image or you may be striving towards a healthier way of living. That's awesome BUT you have to learn to be comfortable in your own skin with who you are now. You have to choose to be in the moment with who you are at this very moment in time. That is a beautiful thing. You are a beautiful person.

  • GET RID OF THINGS YOU NEVER WEAR. Stop messing with yourself. If you haven't worn something in over a year, get rid of it! We create attachment issues that don't serve us. If it's a family heirloom or something of great importance, store it for now, otherwise, off it goes to Poshmark, Plato's Closet, The Clothes Mentor, Ebay, thrift stores, etc. You will feel a great sense of release once it's not cluttering your closet. Think... is it cluttering your closet or is it just cluttering your mind?

  • STOP USING SHOPPING AS THERAPY. This one is a little harder. Their is so much attachment and separation of how, why, and when we shop. As we dive deeper, you will realize you really don't need to shop as much as you think/want to do.

  • THINK BEFORE YOU BUY. Going back to the last bullet, have you really considered what new purchases you're making? We all want to help people who are in need and/or are less fortunate but we don't think about it when we're shopping. Are you buying from a brand or store where somewhere in the supply chain may have unfair wages for workers, unsafe working conditions, or detrimental effects on the environment? It's out-sight-out-of-mind but it is real. Take time to think. I want to empower and equip you on how you can make your purchases be a positive impact.

I hope those few pointers are a good reminder or a good start for some of you!  

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