What are you putting in your body through your skin?


Oh hey. This is me, in bare naked skin.Do I kinda wish I would have had on a bit of foundation, a little contour powder, and some “eyebrows” for this random photo my husband took of me on a random day?Sure.But do I also feel comfortable in my own skin?Sure do. It hasn’t always been like that. And every once in awhile, I still cringe when I see my unmade face in an image staring back at me.

But here’s the thing.  Behind the outer appearance is skin, the body’s largest organ.  I have used and abused it not only with the things I’ve put onto it but the things I haven’t taken off of it.  Did you know, we actually acquire more chemicals through the skin than our mouths?!

Changing out my skincare, makeup, and haircare is part of a core value this year... Inner Harmony. 

I’ll go more into inner harmony another time but basically it is an internal state that permits us to be at peace and act confidently even in the face of difficulties. So what does skincare, makeup, and hair are have to do with that?

Well, what we put into our skin can jack up our endocrine system, respiratory system, thyroid, hormones, and more.  Let’s talk about hormones alone.... if those aren’t  functioning right... need I say more?!?!

January was a month to research different brands and ways to clean up my professional makeup kit as well as discovering ways to personally take care of my skin. .

What are your thoughts on this?  Anyone have personal experiences they want to share?

Stay tuned as I dive into trying and reviewing different products in the upcoming months.  

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