Friday Funday: Bracelet Holder

DIY Bracelet Holder


{Follow Steps Below}


Pick up a used coffee cup holder from a thrift store or garage sale.

{I think I got this for a whoppin' $.50 at a thrift store} 


 Sand down the surface to prep the holder for paint.


 Paint the holder color of choice with

acrylic paint

, except around the bottom edge.

{I'm a minimalist so I mixed a forest green and bright yellow to make a lime color}


Grab an old magazine and tear out a page that matches well with your color scheme.  

I also like to just use the writing in articles. 


 Rip out a section of the magazine about the size of the bottom edge of the coffee cup holder.

 Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the back of the magazine.


Apply the magazine to the bottom section of the holder.  I like texture so I crinkle the paper as 

I apply the magazine paper.


If you like more texture, apply

decorative sand

 & some Mod Podge to your paint for your second coat. 


 Use a coarse texture brush {I just use an old brush} and dab second coat on to add texture

and color dimension. 


 Time to add the bling!  I used quinceanera jewels from Michael's Craft Store.  

They come on a strip adhesive for easy application.  To assure they stick, you can 

add a little bit of gorilla glue to the back during application.  

Add around top and bottom section of holder.


Spray with 

Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic

 to seal and set the new bracelet holder. 

Be sure to spray 10-12 inches away in a rhythmic pattern in a well ventilated area.

Done.  Enjoy!

Photography provided by Marcus Edwards of

Sugar Mill Productions