Simple Coffee Table Decor

It's hard to believe we're rapping up the fall season in just a month but winter will sure seem to come earlier than that for many of us.  I wanted to share a little inspiration for coffee table decor. 

A Timeless Vase With A Wild Bouquet  

I love the natural elements of this vase and how imperfect it is.  The chips and dings add character and texture which is a plus in my book.  It's straight edges make it great for using against walls and butted up against things. The bouquet was all foraged other than the craspedia billy balls from Whole Foods.  There are some branch clippings from an aspen tree, a rose bush, and some other unknown plants/flowers to me BUT they all came from my yard or a friend.  This can easily be done for any season... just go for a nature walk.  You'll be surprised what you can find, even in your own yard!    


I love pretty books.  I fell in love with these books when I saw them.  They are so gorgeous AND filled with a ton of helpful information about gardening.  When something can serve more than one purpose, it takes priority in my home.  Which leads me to the third item on the table...

Antique Cast Iron Cobbler Shoe

I love old pieces that have so many stories.  I will never know many of these stories but it still intrigues me.  However, when looking for a piece, rarely do I buy it just because it's "cool".  When purchasing and decorating, I have to ask myself, does it serve a purpose? Can it still be used for it's original purpose? Or can it be used for something else?  This cobbler shoe is perfect for a book end.

--some basic guidelines for purchasing & decorating--

  • Does it fit my style and "feel" of my home?

  • Does it serve a purpose? Can it be used for it's original purpose? Or can it be used for something else?  Bonus: It can be used multiple ways!

  • Can it be used for all seasons? Or at least modified throughout the seasons to still be used/displayed?

  • Is it ethical?  I try to buy as "clean" as I can.  I may not get as "good of a deal" but I'd rather just go without if that means my purchases come at the cost of people, our planet, or our health.

  • Can I get it for a "good deal"?  I try to buy used when I can.  It may have not been made ethically but at least I'm not paying for something to be produced unethically again... recirculate!  Plus, these things tend to have so much more character and are one of a kind!

  • Do I really need/want it or is it an impulsive or trendy buy?

  • Do any of my shrubs, trees, plants, or herbs need pruning? 

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