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When I look at these progress pictures, I almost forgot how this room started and all the phases it went through to get where it is now!  Here is the breakdown:

  • Ceilings scraped and retextured

  • Window treatment replaced

  • Trim and doors painted

  • Carpet ripped out and subfloors painted

  • Spindles ripped out on two half walls (at entry way & between living/dining room)

  • Half wall taken out at entry way

  • Removable corner wall added for new television and sound bar

  • Reclaimed wood wall and bookshelf added

  • "New" couch and chair (thanks Sarah and Aaron!)

  • New, old, thrifted, and antique decor added

  • Dracaena plant (I'm determined to have house plants!)

This room has always been the room in our house that has been "thrown together".  A lot of stuff that has been selflessly given to us, that we are grateful for.  But I based a lot of our design and style based off that and not necessarily off our wants, needs, and desires.  Through the process and the changes, it has slowly become more of us.  In the next few months, we plan to make it more of us with a small budget.  What are some ways you can make a room more "you" without breaking bank?  How can you come up with a plan using what you already have?  What things can you implement that makes your house feel more like a home?  Stay tuned if you want to see what we come up with.  

Next up on the house tour, the sunroom.  Stay tuned!

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