Capsule Wardrobe | Budget Baby!

My goal for my Spring Capsule this year was this... do not buy anything new.  I am so pumped to tell you, I succeeded!  I wanted to share this specifically with those of you who don't have the option to shop because of limited funds or because you're sticking to a tight budget... Good for you!  High five!

Here are a few pointers for being able to shop your own closet season after season:

  • Stick to neutral colors.  If that seems boring to you, keep in mind you can add spark to your hair/makeup and accessories.

  • Love your layers.  Find items that layer well such as this top I'm wearing.  It's long-sleeve but super light weight which means I can wear it in spring with a pair of jeans and cut out booties, in the summer with cut off shorts and sandals, in the fall with a wool jacket and boots, and in the winter with a flannel underneath, a vest, thick leggings, and snow boots.  The options are plenty.

  • Stick to high quality clothing.  This one is still hard for me.  There are times I buy something inexpensive and it lasts forever.  On the contrary, I've bought some pricy things that fall apart.  So once you find a brand you love and trust, stick with them.  Even better, go with ethical fashion (my next goal!)  My two favorite people to follow @life_simplified and @caroline_joy

  • Get rid of everything you don't wear!  Eliminate the excuses of why you're keeping it.  If you haven't worn in a year, do you really think you ever will?!  Just let it go.  It will clear your eyes and your mind to see the stuff you really like.  You might be surprised at how creative you can get.

Cheers to not going broke and staying on budget!