SPRING 2017 10x10 | OVERVIEW | Day 14

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In case you missed it, I just got done with the 10x10 Challenge hosted by Caroline of Un-Fancy and Lee of Style Bee.

As I was thinking about how to recap the challenge (I would much rather just post pictures and not have the pressure of putting thoughts into words), I read through what Caroline had to say about the challenge on her blog.  If you haven't checked it out, be sure to.  I love her outlook on wardrobe.  I'm going to take her lead and do a Q+A.

10x10 Spring 2017 Challenge | Q+A

1 | Did your clothes work for the weather?

Yes, they did!  This is a big celebration for me because I'm always the girl who is not wearing the right thing for the weather.  This challenge was awesome for me because for the first time, I checked the weather for the day before dressing.

2 | Did you wear anything that wasn’t included in your 10 pieces?

No.  We were out of our house during the challenge so this was an easy one for me.  I only had what I packed!

3 | How did laundry work out?

Well... to be transparent or not?  I'm a dirty hippy so laundry worked out great ;-) It was a little challenging to do laundry for such a small amount of clothing but I was able to make it work by spot cleaning or throwing it in with Marcus' and Rheya's clothes.  Caroline mentioned using a steamer in her post... not only will it get out wrinkles but will kill any bacteria lurking in the fibers.  Because of that, it can even remove faint odors.  I will definitely remember this moving forward! 

4 | Were there any pieces you included that felt like mistakes?

Not really.

5 | Which piece was your favorite?

My black skinny jeans.  I love the color, the way they fit, and the way they look with pretty much everything.

6 | Which outfit was the most outside your comfort zone?

The dress with the chambray shirt.  I wore the dress backwards to change it up.  As you can see, the back of this dress is open... which means the front of the dress is completely open when wearing it backward.  Even though my chambray shirt was buttoned up all the way, I still felt exposed.  However, this outfit ended up being one of my favorites!

7 | What did you learn about your personal style?

Gotta have my hats.  I already knew this but dang... 5 out of my 10 outfits were worn with a hat.  I love my accessories.

8 | What would you do differently next time?

Ditch the black tank but only because of the material.  The material showed even the smallest spots and collected so much fuzz and loose hairs.  I would still want to keep a black tank (surprise!) but something with better material and maybe a tad more level of interest.

9 | Why did you do the challenge in the first place?

I am still in the process of being a minimalist.  I am super inspired and encouraged by the teachings of Caroline Joy, Joshua Becker, and Dave Ramsey to name a few.  The concept of less {stuff} is more {life} has been a game changer in our family's life.  This challenge came at a perfect time, a time where we had to be away from home for two weeks.  The combination was a perfect opportunity to jump on board.

10 | Will you do the challenge again?

Absolutely.  Often in fact.  Perhaps every season and any trips/vacations.  I kind of see it as a "cleanse".

11 | Any final notes?

In the beginning of the challenge, I had already gotten bored of my options.  But by the end, I could have kept going longer with these clothes.  In fact, I did!  When I started the capsule wardrobe, I remember having a similar feeling.  As with any life challenges, it can be tough in the beginning and there is a learning curve but in the end, many times I find my challenges are simply discoveries.

That’s a wrap! I have loved being part of a community, #spring10x10. That was a marathon blogging every day for two weeks straight!  I will get back to the normal 1-3 posts per week.  I will be finishing up the home tour, and no promises but we will hopefully be blogging about a travel trailer remodel we are doing!  I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with the project but hey... discoveries.

With Love,