Home Tour | Sunroom

I'm back with our home tour!  Today, with our sunroom.  Before Marcus and I got married, this room was the catch all room.  It had so much potential.  We started by ripping out the carpet [thanks to our friend Stephanie who just jumps right into home projects with us when she just comes over for a beer]. From there, I attempted to add some decor and furniture using what we had and a few things I scored from Good Will.  However, it always looked like a cluster, therefore continuing to be a catch all room.  I needed direction in a major way.  So how does one find direction?  Pinterest of course!  I started a sunroom board.  When finding a style for a room and your home, it can be overwhelming, especially when jumping on Pinterest.  Here are my pointers:

  • Pick a color palette.  Choose timeless, classic colors.  My personal preference are neutrals because I can easily accentuate with color as my style changes every so often.  I once chose red furniture for my salon.  I got so sick of it after a short while but couldn't change it out spending a lot of time and/or money.

  • Pick a "style".  When pinning pictures you like, take notice of what they all have in common.  That is most likely what you really like about the picture/room.  Look closely at my Pinterest board.  You'll notice the color palette (white!) but what else do you see?  I noticed all the beds/couches have blankets and pillows just kind of thrown on.  Clean but laid back.  I also noticed low tables, pops of blacks and romantic colors, and simple prints and textures.

  • Think lifestyle.  Some people think I'm crazy having white when I have a young child at home but it's the best!  I just needed to make sure everything could be easily washed.  We wear shoes to and from the yard all the time and the rug has held up great and I can use a carpet cleaner over it (although I never have).  I have removable  pillow cases and a duvet cover for easy washing.  

  • No impulsive buying!  Now that you have a color palette, a style, and lifestyle figured out, clean up your inspiration board to reflect that.  Do not buy anything unless it has a specific spot or function for your room.

  • Reuse and recycle.  There are some things you just want to buy new, but think before you buy.  Once you have a plan, you will be shocked at how you can see things differently.  It may be something you already have or something at a garage sale or a thrift store.  It may be just right how it is or you may have to put a coat of paint on it.  I would say three quarters of our sunroom is reused and recycled.  

Do you know your colors and style or are you getting some ideas?  Are you an impulsive buyer?  Do you love to reuse and recycle?  Share your thoughts with me and if you have a Pinterest board you want to share with me, please do so.

What room shall we dive into next?