Mom Talk With My Sisters

Last summer, we got to spend a whole week with the whole family. It was amazing.  

I am extremely blessed to have a mom and two older sisters who I get to call best friends. Oh how I love these mamas.  We may not always see eye to eye on all things parenting, but I know I can always count on their prayers and support.  We answered a few questions the other day in honor of Mother's Day.  


Katie: Getting to see and participate in each stage of growth - seeing the life that comes into their eyes when they learn or understand something new, and the joy that it brings to them.

Karen: The joy that my kids bring to me, the way they bless my heart, the way they love me *almost* unconditionally. 

Janie: Snuggles, laughter and having ah-ha moments about what life is all about through children. 


Katie: Letting go. Along with each new stage, and as they grow in maturity, trying to balance out how much instruction or discipline they need vs how much freedom they need in order to grow.

Karen: Each kid is different and also constantly changing. I am constantly trying to learn and figure out what works with each kid at different times.

Janie: Comparing myself (as a mom) or my daughter to others. With the many opinions and techniques for raising kids, it can be hard not to do so, even by the people who mean well. Also, having fear of my daughter getting hurt or loosing her. In my flesh, I want to have control but know she is not mine, she is God's. I need to speak against fear and comparison, putting her into God's hands completely.... daily. 


Katie: Having to chase Samantha around the doctor's office and pull her out from under the table so the nurse could give her shots...when she was like 7! It took us about 20 minutes before we could manage to give her the shots. And it was late in the day - we were their last patients, and the whole ordeal made them have to close late.   Or....the fact that EVERYWHERE we go, Samantha is always bringing random strangers/other moms and exchange phone numbers so that she can have a play date with some kid she just randomly met.  Which is torturous for this introvert mama!

Karen: Ha! I honestly can't think of any! It's my job to embarrass my kids, not the other way around! Haha!

Janie: I could have so many embarrassing moments. Realistically, I do things on a daily basis that could embarrass me or my daughter.  I do so many "embarrassing" things, I've had to learn how to not get embarrassed, and just roll with the punches.  I can totally relate to my sister Katie on this one though!


Katie: I think I just like to encourage moms in all stages that even though a particular age or stage seems to take forever, or you feel like things will never change or improve, each stage in a child's life really goes by so quickly. Savor each and every moment - even the ones that are challenging. Slow down when you are quick to anger. You learn more about yourself in hear moments - our children teach us so many things, if we are willing to slow down, listen, evaluate our own thoughts and actions. Each stage of childhood is such a blessing. Children are a blessing, period. Even the challenging ones.

Karen: Real mom talk... hmm... Just when you think you've got things under control and you get to go to bed early, your 3-year-old pees on the bathroom floor right next to the toilet, not because he doesn't know where the toilet is or how to use it, just because he wants to prove to you that he is still in control. And then he is awake until midnight in his bedroom yelling into the monitor camera (yes, he was holding the camera), "But mommy! I don't want to go to bed! I don't want to do it! But mommy!"

Janie: Some days, I am so proud of myself as my role of a mom.  I have the school day planned and we conquer it beautifully, I feed her healthy foods, I cook dinner, I spend quality time with her, I don't yell, etc. Some days, I'm an emotional basket case. Some days, we stay in pajamas all day and eat crap food while I work on the computer all day and she spends way too much time on electronics.   Some days we adventure like rock stars.  Some days it's a combination. I don't have it all together and I'm glad to have moms in my corner who are transparent about real life. I'm not saying it's okay to be a bad mom but it's more than okay to be perfectly imperfect. Find your people, love hard, and make sure you invite Jesus to be the coach on your team. 


Let's be encouraged as moms and go encourage others. So grateful to the many moms out there who have helped me along as a child and now as a mother myself.  It takes a village.  Together, let's Mom so hard!