Keeping Warm In The Early Spring + Keeping Spirits Up

It happens every year yet it always comes as a surprise. A giant Colorado snow storm in May.  It's always just when I'm thinking about taking the shorts out of storage, planting some flowers, and planning some backyard BBQs.  And somehow, it always still shocks me.  Not only with those little things but also with my emotions. 


Keeping it real here, I have been struggling. The crazy springtime storms hit and BAMM!  Laziness, short temper, depression, and lack of motivation kicks in.  When it happens, here's what I do:

  • drink a glass of wine or a beer

  • binge on social media

  • eat chocolate

  • don't do anything on my priority list

  • stay in pajamas all day

  • don't exercise  

  • cancel all my plans

I haven't quite mastered this one yet but here are a few things I know I should do that will make me feel better.  So when I check one of these off, I think I automatically get to do the first bullet point on the previous list:

  • pray and read the Bible

  • take a hot bath with essential oils, with lights turned down while listening to meditation music

  • listen to "I am awesome" music

  • exercise

  • spend quality time with my husband and daughter

  • change out of pajamas, put makeup on, and fix my hair

How do you keep your spirits up when there is a huge change in the weather?  What is your reality? What are your goals?


A spring capsule in Colorado can be tricky. The weather is all over the place.  When picking out each item for the capsule [which runs March-May], I ask myself, will I be able to wear this in 30 degree weather but also in 70 degree weather?  The answer is typically yes.  If looking at the outfit in this post, you may be thingking, really? 70 degree weather?  To break it down, I may wear my Sorel Fancy boots with light socks, shorts, and a tank, thermal tied around my waist for an outdoor day. Or sandals, my jogger sweats, a tee, hair pulled up for a casual day. On the flip side, all the choices are great for layering when the weather gets stupid in the spring. No need to have a closet full of random stuff you "need". Don't overthink it, keep it simple, keep it fun. 

Is spring dressing hard for you? What are your challenges? What are your secrets to success? What are your staples? 

I hope you have an excellent weekend,