Let's Get Ready To Rambler!

This past summer, our good friend Debbie bought a fixer-upper travel trailer.  She lives in an HOA and couldn't park it there to work on it so we let her park in in our driveway while she jazzed it up.  There were many nights of bringing her tacos and beer and long chats while she worked.  Hey, we helped occasionally!  But you have to understand, this woman is a Bad-A and she was all over it, far beyond our experience.  As we watched the transformation, we became super inspired about the idea of getting our own trailer to have as a guest house in our backyard, travel with while we AirBNB our home(#imperfectsimplicity730), and perhaps rent out for others to enjoy too.

We took the plunge.  In August of 2016, we purchased our first travel trailer.  It's a 1978 Rambler Ramblerette.  We looked at a few other trailers but decided on this one because it's not quite as heavy as an Airstream [weighing 4k pounds] but big enough to customize to our living wants, needs, and desires [measuring 24'].  It seemed everything was original with its amazing color scheme welcoming us with wide open arms.  All it needs is some cosmetic renovations but heck, we don't really know.  We are professional amateurs.

Now the adventures begin.  So many plans for this baby BUT permission to talk real life here?  It has been sitting in front of our house for 9 months, staring at our faces, scaring us.  This was one of those "quick fixer uppers" and now it's pretty much gutted, waiting for some love.  It is intimidating.  We have never done anything with electrical, plumbing, etc. I just want to decorate it, darn it.  We are ready to have our "second home" so I guess it's time to take the plunge and enjoy the journey.

Any ideas of what we're going to do to it?  If it were up to you, what would you do?  Any pointers before we dig in?

Stay tuned my friends, it's going to be a journey!