Kentucky Derby + Fast Fashion Thoughts

When you have awesome girlfriends, a spunky daughter, and a husband who is usually down for anything, you dress up for the Kentucky Derby.  Even if we don't technically have a party to go to, we bring the party!

When it comes to dress up, I've been known for making spontaneous purchases.  Have I told you how much I love playing dress up?  I may or may not have a problem. Am I talking to anyone else out there?

With that being said, I have been feeling really convicted about fast fashion.  Americans are purchasing five times the amount of clothing than they did in 1980.  The average American household produces 70 pounds of textile waste every year. 

Fast fashion brings considerable consumption that prospers the fashion industry. Its unique business model and low prices enables the public to purchase fashionable items even during times of the economic recession. However, it has brought along the problem of overconsumption, whereby countless amounts of waste ends up in landfills. Moreover, hidden costs of landfills also include waste, pollution, energy and natural resources exhaustion.  (Source: Wikipedia)

For the next 90 days of blogging, I'm going to focus on ethical and sustainable fashion and home design.  

Will you join me?  Be sure to be subscribed and stay tuned for more. 

(My entire outfit was reused or redesigned from my current wardrobe.  Thanks to my friend Debbie for her mad hat making skills!)