Backyard Living | Black or White


We have been slowly but surely working on our backyard.  It is a pretty big yard and four years ago, it was entirely weeds.  Three years ago, we laid some sod in a small section of it and put in a small area for a fire pit.  It has been overwhelming to say the least, especially after we got quotes for a new fence ringing in at $8-9k and professional landscaping at $15-30k on top of that.  At this point, there is a big list that will see that $25k before the yard ever does.

We are at that comfortable DIY place again.  We find ourselves there often.  It is sometimes tiring but worth it once it's done.... right!?!?!?!!

I think we have the groove started but now to decide on colors.  When I say colors, I mean black and white.  We definitely will have natural wood elements mixed in with rock and greenery.  We will most likely have other pops of colors mixed in as well.  But I'm talking about that base color.  Do we go with rich, sleek, mod, plant-poppin' black?  Or light, bright, farmhouse fresh white?  

I just don't know!  All these spaces are so incredible and it is so hard to decide.  

What would you do?  What do you love?  Does your outdoor space have a common thread tying it all together?